Make money with 360 photography

Do you want to start your own photography business?

Starting a photography business are many photographers’ dream. The problem though are the following three variables:

  1. Are you good enough?

  2. Isn’t there too much competition?

  3. Equipment is expensive

What if I tell you there is a way to start your own photography business without having the above problems?

The answer is “360 photography” because:

a) there are no special skills required,

b) this field of photography is brand new and there is very little competition

c) and you can start with only $200

PS: Virtual tours have been around for a very long time but it was only in 2016 that the first cameras came out that requires no stitching. What required hours of work in the past no takes only seconds.

So, how would you start a 360 photography business?

  1. Buy yourself a 360 camera. There are a couple of 360 cameras on the market but these are the main ones: Ricoh Theta, Samsung Gear 360 or Nikon Keymission 360, LG 360. They cost between $200 and $450. The Ricoh and Samsung seems to have the most positive comments by users. We prefer the Ricoh.

  2. Find a client who would benefit from having 360 photographs displayed on the internet. This would typically be clients in the property industry (lodging and realty etc)

  3. Take the 360 images (we analysed the pricing of 25 photographers in the USA and they charge on average between $500 and $1000 per shoot).

  4. Offer to host the photographs on their own domain (see below). You can do this with our 360 photo gallery and album tool as it has the domain registration built it.

Why should I put the 360 photos on a domain?

1. A 360 degree photographer or property professional want refer viewers to a URL that is easy to remember (e.g.

2. If you are a 360 degree photographer, you want to offer your clients a new website that is personalised for them. That means the web address can contain their business name e.g.

3. Do you really want to send viewers to Facebook or Google streetview in order to view 360 photos? There are too many distractions there.

4. A dedicated URL completes the package. Compare it to giving your client his prints in an envelope or in a hard cover album with their name embossed thereon.

FAQ’s for 360 photographers

Q: Does it cost anything for a photographer to use service?

A: The photographer does not have to pay to use the service. Every client needs to pay a monthly fee if they load more than ten 360 photos (currently $19/month)

Q: Can I have my own 360 website?

A: Yes, you are in the same position as the client (end user). You can host  ten 360 photos for free whereafter you need to pay $19/month for unlimited hosting.

Q. How many photographs can I upload?

  1. On the paid plan you can upload unlimited photographs

Q. Can I host my clients’ 360 photographs on my own website?

  1. Sure you can but we have found that clients like it better if the photos are hosted on a domain that contains their own name. It gives them a sense of ownership of the 360 images. We suggest you choose a domain closely related to their current website and then just adding 360 into the domain name e.g. etc

Q. Why use this service?

  1. We have made the following things easy:

  1. No technical knowledge is required to upload, host and display the 360 photographs

  2. We use Labels to tag (classify) the photographs. The labels work the same as Gmail labels. One photo can have many labels. So, you upload it once and label it to show in various intelligent “albums”. It is kind of like hastags but you can choose more than one at a time

  3. Register a domain in a few clicks (it cost between $15 and $30 per annum)

  4. You don’t have to communicate (struggle) with the clients existing webmaster in order to get the 360 photos to show on the client’s (new) 360 dedicated website.

Q. Can normal (non 360) photos also be hosted on this service?

  1. Yes absolutely

Q. How do I start?

  1. Register on this website using a new email address (e.g. the client’s email address) so that we can identify it as a new user (if you use your own existing email address the photos will be loaded into your own profile). Take the 360 photos and load it into the client’s account. Register a domain. Hand over to client.